Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Republicans now control the Senate 52 to 47. Races in Louisiana and Alaska are yet to be decided. Louisiana will have a RUNOFF election between Mary Landrieu (D)  and Bill Cassidy (R) on Dec. 6, 2014. Alaska has not finished collecting the votes in the outlaying areas, the Military vote and votes by mail. The race there was too close to call. This morning Dan Sullivan (R) led  Mark Begich (D) by 8,149 Votes.  VERMONT has elected Bernie Sanders (I). The only independent in the US Senate.

The Republicans  increased their numbers in the House of Representatives and in State Governorships.

This does not seem to make much sense. As you all know the 3 TV networks (ABC, CBS & NBC}  have nightly soap box operas played out in newsrooms. The lead actor in each theater of the absurd production is call anchor. and at some point the anchor brings in the political reporter that will tell every listener what's happening. They supposedly are trying to imitate reality. Well this year nobody even came close. They simply
can't face reality.